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Gig | Kiss Land - The Weeknd

Tour | The Weeknd @ London O2
Kiss Land
by Kartik Gohil
On Tuesday 26th November I was lucky enough to see Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, perform at the London O2 Arena. The night started with performances from Banks (who I regrettably missed) and Zane Lowe, who is an absolutely incredible DJ. The Weeknd kicked off his set with ‘Adaptation’, ‘Love In The Sky’ and ‘Belong To The World’, three songs from his recent Kiss Land album. Girls were going nuts and weed smoke filled the air as people completely disregarded health & safety laws as well as the presence of asthmatics such as myself. It was a great start but it got better – so much better. After announcing that this show was the last in his tour, he decided to play a few classics from his first three mixtapes: ‘House Of Balloons’, ‘Thursday’ and ‘Echoes Of Silence’, which were later re-released as a single album entitled ‘Trilogy’. You could hear the entire arena singing along to songs like ‘Loft Music’ and ‘The Party & The After Party’. The live band broke out into instrumental solos in between songs and even changed the beat completely for tracks like ‘The Zone’. Keeping to the name of the tour, Abel threw a few of his new tracks into the mix but it was the old ones that the fans went crazy over. The Weeknd even came back for an encore. I don’t think I will ever forget the sight of the arena twinkling as everyone held up their phones and lighters to the ever popular ‘Wicked Games’. All in all it was a fantastic evening, and I sincerely recommend ‘Trilogy’ and 'Kiss Land' to those people who know not of the works of this wonderful man. -- Kartik Gohil

Release Date: 26/11/13
8/10 Croc Rating

| -

Hidden Orchestra
At Scala
by James Stevenson
<br /> I had no idea what to expect from this gig. Hidden Orchestra are not exactly dancey (though I have danced hard to &ldquo;Footsteps&rdquo; a few times when I was alone in the studio), and my experiences of live shows have been 100% danceable until this one. The quartet makes music that is somehow jazzy, atmospheric, a little bit hip hoppy, and bassy as hell. Their songs feel sad and epic, but the drums can be pretty spicy. This is headphone music at its finest, so would it be good live? Yes it would, <em>almost.</em><br /> <br /> I like to get to my gigs when the doors open, so I can grab a spot by the railing and give all the warm up acts some attention. Accordingly, I sat wrapped in a duvet numbing my brain on Imgur before heading out half an hour late. I still got to Scala in time to catch half of Floex&rsquo;s set, then queued for half an hour and got into the building in time to catch the last 30 seconds and wait 20 minutes for Hidden Orchestra to come on.<br /> <br /> Led by Joe Acheson, who plays bass guitar and a mass of wires and electronic stuff, the quartet is filled out by two awesome drummers Tim Lane and Jamie Graham and the beautiful Poppy Ackroyd on electric violin, electric piano and some other random electronic stuff. The drummers are, without a doubt, the best thing about their show. Sitting facing each other on each side of the stage, with a full drum kit each, the two absolutely killed it. Having two drummers leads to all kinds of crazy rhythm possibilities, and now and the two will duel, taking turns to drum out their own little solos while the melodies and bass pump away behind them. Who wins? Well, I can&rsquo;t actually find out which is which, but the one on the right stood up and played trombone now and then, so I vote for the curly haired one over the bald one.<br /> <br /> There was one problem with the gig: all the random electronic equipment. I&rsquo;ve seen a lot of DJ&rsquo;s playing concerts, and they make it clear where the sound is coming from. If they&rsquo;re playing MPC&rsquo;s or MPD&rsquo;s, you can see the gear, and you can see them banging out the beats. Hidden Orchestra played quite a lot of pre-recorded samples, but I couldn&rsquo;t tell where the samplers were, and who was launching the clips. Acheson is constant fiddling with his electronic stuff, but nobody can tell what he&rsquo;s doing. At one point there was a beautiful harp melody, and, as far as I can tell, Poppy was playing it out on her electric violin. That was sweet! She should have gotten a spotlight or something, but she stayed Hidden in the dark. If the whole group had as much showmanship as the drummers, the gig would have been much better.<br /> <br /> As it was, the music was still ballin. Hmmm, 6/10.<br />

Release Date: 20/11/13
6/10 Croc Rating

| - Jon Hopkins at KOKO

Sonic Obliteration
by Eamonn Postlethwaite
<br /> The first thing you should do is listen to Immunity by Jon Hopkins, followed by a short nap and then the rest of his discography. I saw JH was at Night + Day about four hours before the xx came on and his set was short, meticulous, beautiful and exactly what it needed to be - I was impressed.<br /> <br /> Now after seeing him &#39;headline&#39; his own club night I am in awe - every now and again I heard little passages of music inbetween the piano melodies, sample loops and noise that suggest this guy could eat post-dubstep for breakfast and a few hours later return from the bathroom with an altogether new music genre. I was surprised most by how much heavier than the album his set was in places, and it wasn&#39;t simply to cover up poor live reproduction or inadaquate music, for it all sounded as good as the album, but simply for the joy of unrestricted noise and bass. People went wild when it hit, and then in other places when the swells and swirls and nursery rhyme like piano came in everyone swayed and floated in a way that only truly good music can make you without feeling self-concious or plain ridiculous. As Paul Simon puts it, &quot;he stepped outside to smoke himself a J, then he blew the room away.&quot;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> TEN OUT OF TEN.&nbsp;<br />

Release Date: 15/10/13
10/10 Croc Rating

| -

Jay-Z Magna Carter World Tour
Still The Blueprint for Rap
by Ronan McAdam
<p> <br /> Its 21:20 on the first night of Jay-Z&rsquo;s London shows; the nearly-full 02 arena has been shouting &ldquo;Hova&rdquo; for twenty minutes, taking a break only to rap along to Biggie&rsquo;s anthem <em>Juicy</em>. Don&rsquo;t worry; he kept us waiting no longer than was needed to get us fully pumped for what proved to be a solid performance.<br /> <br /> As expected he took us through most of Magna Carta Holy Grail and some of these songs have already become crowd-pleasers. Despite what it said on the ticket, the &lsquo;Special Guests&rsquo; (the likes of Nas, Justin Timberlake and Rick Ross) were only heard through the backing tracks, apart from Timbaland who also got his own improvised set. What made the ticket worth the price (and mine was particularly expensive&hellip;) were the classics. Once Timbaland had finished beatboxing and pushing his new material, Mr Carter came out all-gats blazing with hit after hit, from every album back to Reasonable Doubt, without any lines forgotten. The crowd stunned him into silence when we took over during <em>N****s in Paris </em>&ndash; he had to start it again. We loved it.<br /> <br /> After the greatest hits had been rolled out, the keyboard player jammed quietly on the <em>Empire State of Mind</em> riff and Jay-Z took ten minutes to thank everybody and point out several twerkers. His show of appreciation was humble moment for the multi-billionaire music mogul. Finally, did we get an <em>Encore</em>? Of course we did.<br /> <br /> 8/10<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Release Date: 13/10/13
8/10 Croc Rating

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