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Lots of brown is chatted, lots of music is played and you can be sure as hell lots of games are played! 


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episode 6 (17/03/18)

Posted Monday 19 March 2018 by Brandon

A landmark show! I was joined by inspirational leader of men, Ethan, my mate from Texas, USA! An absolute stonker of firing from the hip aural ecstasy. Classic segments continue and the return of 'Land of Make Believe'! Conspiracies, politics and American culture. Tune in live 8-9pm Saturdays

episode 5 (10/03/18)

Posted Monday 12 March 2018 by Brandon

Quality show with surprise guests James and Sam who turn up halfway through the show. Classic segments continue and I introduce 2 new ones: 'One Liners' and 'Ratio Report'! Of course as per usual I chat a whole bunch a crap and even slip into my new aussie character I'm working on. Hopefully I can get some humour out of him... Anyway enjoy! Tune in live 8-9pm Saturdays

episode 4 (03/03/18)

Posted Saturday 3 March 2018 by Brandon

Best show so far Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Make sure you listen to this absolute stonker of a show! Today, without a guest, I introduced my new totally original idea of having a swear jar and continued the classic weekly segments! I even discussed some controversial topics such as democracy, people who reserve tables with bags and some other nonsense. Enjoy the recording and make sure to tune in live every Saturday 8-9pm!

Episode 3 (17/02/18)

Posted Saturday 17 February 2018 by Brandon

First time without a guest and I reckon I broadcast an absolutely amazing show. Then again I'm trying to get people to listen to it so obviously i'd describe it as amazing. Great tunes played and some quality segments where we asked if the refrigerator was running and even helped solve some people's problems. I broadcast live every Saturday 8-9pm!

Disclaimer: This show does not condone racism. I apologise for the offensive comments made, the intention was just to make a joke with a friend.

Episode 2 (10/02/18)

Posted Thursday 15 February 2018 by Brandon

In my effort to fend off my impending mental breakdown I will no longer type in third person... I was joined by Saym today, professional DesEng student and city lover. We chatted a bit and played some tunes, what more could you possibly want? Remember to tune in live Saturday 8-9pm!

Episode 1 (03/02/18)

Posted Sunday 4 February 2018 by Brandon

Brandon was joined today by his neighbour Zak and together they embarked on an adventure that made listeners question whether a wrap was a sandwich and just what the world's best animal really was. Many new games were played including: 'Is your refrigerator running?' and Land of Make Believe. Make sure to tune in live every Saturday 8-9pm! Enjoy the recording!

Post Mortum

Posted Sunday 28 January 2018 by Brandon

I seriously want to apologize for the insensitive remarks I made and for being rude to Vanessa and her friends. I was quite nervous and so unfortunately made a few unacceptable comments. Sorry. I also want to apologize for wasting everyone's time, hopefully the show will go better next week.

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