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3. Loose Connections

Posted Sunday 24 February 2019 by Zoe

Really found some new songs that I loooooove, most notably:

Chemicals - Various Cruelties
Cocaine - Sleepwalkers
Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun

In this episode, we played a brill game of loose connections, where listeners sent me song requests that were loosely connected to song playing.

cheers to everyone who to took part xxoxox

big love from big chu xx

2. Valentine's Day special with Kush

Posted Sunday 17 February 2019 by Zoe

Kush and I discuss all things romantic and love in this val/gal/pal-entine's day special (capitalist scam???)

we go through all the greatest love hits from the past and today, while giving some horrifyingly unqualified valentine's day advice to our dear listeners xxxx

1) BAFTAS w/ Veronica

Posted Sunday 10 February 2019 by Zoe

under the shadow of the BAFTAS 2019 awards, Veronica and I discuss a range of big tunes -- from tom misch to pitbull ! We really had, the TIME OF OUR LIVES xxx

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