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-- '(Jeannine) of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better, than master of one.'

'Ello peeps :) I'm Jeannine, Pakistani born and bred, final year Biology student.

Have you ever had the feeling where you're in a crowd and you only have vague knowledge about a topic and can't contribute... so you just keep looking at everyone's faces while you have an internal crisis about what an ignorant little idiot you are? SAMESIES.

Well join me every Thursday 10-11pm and we'll deep-dive into topics I don’t know a lot about (yay!) so we can flaunt those factz next time LIKE A BOSS cool

Hmu if you like the sound of my show and wanna talk about something that interests you!

All the love,

JeanBean heart


13/02/2020 A Trip to Taiwan

Posted Saturday 15 February 2020 by Jeannine

3rd Year Biologist Andy Ko took us on a trip to the land of mooncakes and bubble tea! Tune in to find out about the Taiwanese people and their traditions. Andy also shares where to find authentic Taiwanese food in London and the right way to rest your chopsticks!

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