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18/02/09 Marry me?

Posted Saturday 21 February 2009 by Michele

A PACKED show, but with no Ali :(. Where was he? Well, he said he was going to the brit awards after party but I think he ended up somewhere else. I only hope it was worth it, because he missed some fun times. The show lacked its dub element, but we blasted out some Wesley Willis in the honour of our absent belching companion. There was a definite theme of marriage proposals this week, with Katie notching up 5 proposals by the end of the day. Another 'fun' feature introduced was Michele's corny chat-ups, where he decided it would be a fun idea to test some of the world's worst chat up lines on an unsuspecting Katie. Nathan a.k.a. our most faithful emailer came into the show today, and was there to provide tasteful input where needed. In addition, Rich the station manager showed up towards the end so we had a huge crew assembled! Pirate eavesdropping failed this week when we tried to turn on the mics in the other room to eavesdrop, only to find that they had gone outside and we couldn't hear them. Arr. We recieve d an irate phone call from some drunken reptiles. We made a prank call using new radio sneaky technology. If you're going to propose to Katie, make sure to ring in next week, on Pirate Radio! Michele is also single, all you ladies! Oh yeah- actually all 3 of us are open to marriage offers ;) TOTWs: Michele: Don't Stop- Innerpartysystem Katie: Pledge of Allegiance- Louis XIV
Most Recent Playlist:.
1.Head Over Heels- Tears For Fears
2.Spaceman- Killers
3. Fluorescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys
4. Uninvited- Freemasons
5. Monkey- Counting Crows
6. TtHhEe PpAaRrTtYy- Justice
7. Mr Chips- Rusko
8. What Katie Did- Libertines
9. Dance With Somebody- Mando Diao
10. Birdman Kicked My Ass- Wesley Willis
11. Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet
12. Andy, You're A Star- Killers
13. Pledge Of Allegiance- Luois XIV
14. Don't Stop- Innerpartysystem
15. In One Ear- Cage The Elephant
16. 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)- Radiohead

11/02/09 A Hectic Hour

Posted Sunday 15 February 2009 by Michele

Rush today All of Pirate Radio were in a rush today, trying to cram our show into only an hour. This proved a difficult task. The show was subsequently lacking in a lot of our 'famous' features, but full of random phone calls from exasperated crocodiles, who claimed to be from the Crack Den (Sundays 9-11, icradio). Despite this hurriedness, the pirates were in the best of moods; January over, spring coming in, alcohol to be consumed... what could be better? 'Nothing', I hear you say. And you're right. Rich comes to visit again this week, and becomes the Pirate Radio mascot (a.k.a. Parrot) EVERYBODY SMILE, and we'll be back with even more awesomeness next week.


Posted Wednesday 11 February 2009 by Michele

Terrible new this week as Alistair was taken away by obese men dressed as batman. Katie tried to fight them with a pitchfork, but their strength overcame her. Michele and Katie were left bereft of their burping, dub-loving companion. There was panic when the kidnappers called in and said they would force-feed Ali the dreaded green jelly if we didn't play Radiohead! (and EVERYONE knows that's the WORST kind of jelly). Katie was forced to play a track by an artist she would never normally put on the radio...(and a damn good one at that). Michele managed to sound fairly happy this week in spite of Ali's horrific predicament. This is an achievement! The kidnappers called a second time to request I Want to Break Free, threatening to beat Ali's score on Halo if we didn't co-operate. When we played that track, the kidnapper called again in tears, to tell us how much it meant to him. Yeah, strange guy. Rich came in to visit us! WOOP CIVENG. What a week, eh. TOTWs- Michele: You Found Me- The Fray Katie: Motorcycle Emptiness- Manic Street Preachers

28/01/09 Flagship show previous

Posted Wednesday 11 February 2009 by Michele

This week our presenters were slightly baffled and bemused in the wake of the leviathan that was the flagship show. (Well, Alistair was after we had to tell him what it was..) The show took a fairly normal format; Katie and Alistair arguing and Michele sighing resignedly in the corner, managing the ultimate multitask of adjusting the levels AND being depressed. No weird intruders this week, just a lot of chat, and a new feature! We have a news section! The unnameable newsreader from the flagship show makes a special guest appearance to reiterate the news on Pirate. Who is this fascinating and mysterious lady- how is it that she knows so much about current affairs/? Doesn't her voice sound a little bit familiar? Listen to find out. Beer pwns cider (but what did we expect?) Alistair and Katie do not go head to head his week, but there will be an epic battle soontimes. TOTWs: Michele Brooklyn Go Hard- Jay Z Alistair: Ice Monster- Minus the bear (HELL YES.) Alistair: Cast a light- Plan B ft. Jose Gonzalez

First Spring Term Show

Posted Thursday 5 February 2009 by Michele

We have our own blog, this is awesome, I'm just putting something in to see how great it is.
21/01/09 Pirates wreak chaos this week!
The show was invaded by strange drunken gentle mens club members (2 2's) who wanted to take photos of us. It took a good 20 minutes, and a lot of foul language from Alistair (sorry, kids!) before they finally skedaddled.
We were given no warning of these bizarre intruders, save a guy with a weirdly terrifying face peering in through the studio window. eek.

Tracks of teh week!
Ulysses- Franz Ferdinand
Ganja Smuggling- Eek A Mouse
Ragdoll- Maroon 5

Alistair tells listeners that he is 'the daddy'. Batman's ass gets a resounding whupping. Mit become's everyone's new hero. Except Michele...
Alistair vs Katie:
Alistair wins this week by naming more radio shows than Katie can. Neither of them listen to the radio, but this proves that Katie definitely needs to get out more. Musically, that is. a-tehe. Michele so much more awesome than them..

Katie hasn't quite worked out how to use this yet! I will show her soon...

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