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Have you ever wanted to definitively know who's better, Britney or Christina? The Beatles or the Stones? The US or the UK? Now CDs vs Film Soundtracks? Dawkins or God?

Every week Clash of the Playlists brings you 2 different playlists on one important theme and hopefully a definitive answer! Paul and Ben's differing tastes will clash with only producer and independent adjudicator Chris to separate them. You tweet, text or email in your views and Chris will decide who is crowned: Master of Playlists!


It's all over, Paul won the series! Sorry to leave you but we wanted to go out on a high with our peak listenership of 11,785,324. Thanks for being a part of the show, even if you just listened and didn't tweet, email or facebook us.

Even though we're gone, you can still enjoy  previous shows by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and enjoy OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again...



Posted Monday 12 July 2010 by Ben

So, that's it, 25 shows. All done, it's all over. Hope you've enjoyed the thrill ride that's been Clash of the Playlists.

Hell of a final show too. LISTEN TO IT NOW and then listen to ALL our previous shows. Go on, do it, I dare you!

Much love to our listener, thanks for your loyalty through the good times and the bad. See you on 6Music!x

10/06/10 - World Cup 2010 Special

Posted Tuesday 15 June 2010 by Ben

To celebrate the eve of the start of the World Cup in South Africa we had a special show for you.

The music featured came from a random selection of nations represented at the tournament. The selection of countries like Slovakia and Paraguay was testament to the genuine randomness.

Enjoy the listen again to see what we came up with and see who won. See you next week for an as yet undecided theme.

03/06/10 - Food vs. Drink

Posted Saturday 5 June 2010 by Ben

We had a week off because we were locked out of the studio but when we returned, we were down a team mate.

No Paul this week, Chris vs. Ben. The winner sort of decided by the listeners.

Next week, on the eve of the start of the World Cup we have a special show. We drew 5 countries each and 2 for Chris. So for next week's show we have to find artists/songs that somehow relate to the countries we ended up with. Chris will look favourably on creative thought.

Here are the countries:

Paraguay, Slovenia, Germany, Japan & Ivory Coast.

Ben: USA, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia & Cameroon.

Chris: Algeria & New Zealand.

Join us for the World Cup 2010!x

20/05/10 - Dead Musicians

Posted Tuesday 25 May 2010 by Ben

In response to the passing of rocker Dio, CotP had a dead musicians special.

We tried to clear up how the musicians died to little effect. There was a special visit from Harriet Vickers who pushed some buttons and did some talking. I guess that's all we do though.

Next week we have food vs. drink, tune in if you're hungry or thirsty!x

13/05/10 - Paul's Birthday!!!

Posted Tuesday 18 May 2010 by Ben

Paul turned 24 and the show turned into a rabble of drunks.

The theme was loosely related to birthdays and parties. Hopefully despite all the booze the show wasn't a total mess.

Next week the theme is something that I can't remember and will be great. TUNE IN!x

06/05/10 - Comebacks Special

Posted Monday 10 May 2010 by Ben

...And we're back.

After 5 weeks without us, we returned triumphantly with a comebacks special. Take a listen via the link here somewhere. There was much nervous tension as we weren't totally sure how to use everything after such a long time away. We may have discussed a certain democratic event too!

Anyway, tune in next week for Paul's Birthday Special!x

25/03/10 - Science vs. Religion (EASTER Special!)

Posted Sunday 4 April 2010 by Ben

We had a slightly early, special show to mark Easter: Science vs. Religion.

This was a tough one, particularly for Paul who was science and consequently he turned to alcohol to get him through. Apologies for the controversial subject matter and a burp at some point.

See you after the Easter break. Happy Easter! Love you all!x

18/03/10 - Burn Out vs. Fade Away

Posted Saturday 20 March 2010 by Ben

According to Neil Young 'it's better to burn out than to fade away' and this was famously repeated in Kurt Cobain's suicide note.

On CotP this week we clashed music from bands/artists that effectively burnt out by stopping before their time, dying or perhaps they disliked their own music vs. music from bands/artists that just keep on going no matter what, nothing can stop them, even if their new music is just plain rubbish.

We also had the result of our 'That's a Personal Question!' competition, exciting stuff!

Next week we have a very exciting Easter special: SCIENCE vs. RELIGION!!! Who will win when we pit Richard Dawkins' beloved Science against the almighty God himself!!!

11/03/10 - Colours vs. Shapes

Posted Saturday 13 March 2010 by Ben

A kaleidoscope special for you all.

This one might remind you of when education only involved being able to put coloured shapes into holes or 'engineering' as you may know it now.

The competition was announced: first person to put the correct answer to the following question on our wall wins a prize from one of our homes.

Who went to see Spice World in the cinema when it came out? Paul, Chris or Ben.

Next week it's Burn Out vs. Fade Away. See you then!

04/03/10 - Time vs. Money

Posted Saturday 6 March 2010 by Ben

This has to be our most crazy show in terms of difference in music between the two DJs. Don't let that put you off though! Paul is the Time Lord and Ben is the Money Man.

We had the first of our new Quiz feature, I won't say who won but let's just say it was pretty TENSE. There were facts aplenty, a bit of science and much much more.

Listen via the links on our showpage. Coming up next week we have Colours vs. Shapes along with our new competition that will have a choice of 3 prizes, all from our respective homes.

25/02/10 - Hot vs. Cold (Winter Olympics Special)

Posted Sunday 28 February 2010 by Ben

Paul is hot. Ben is not. That pretty much sums up this week's show. Loosely relating the show to the Olympics, we brought out all the best songs that relate to heat, warmth, coolness and cold.

Ailbhe, the latest competition winner joined us in the studio and accepted her prize. Pictures coming soon!

Frankly the facts were rubbish. Let's hope time and money wield better trivia. Listen again via the links below and follow us on Facebook.

18/02/10 - All Covered Up!

Posted Friday 19 February 2010 by Ben

This week we brought you the best songs by artists that didn't sing them first. That's right, it was covers week!

A few of the classics turned up and hopefully some you've not heard before. Check out the playlist link below to see who the original artists were! That's pretty nice of us to add that information for you. Clash of the Playlists fans get their googling done for them!

We had some facts about covers, the competition winner was announced and Chris spotted racism wherever he could.

Next week, for the Winter Olympics, it's Hot vs. Cold! Listen again via them links way down there at the bottom. The more you do, the more self esteem we get! If you listen enough we might become confident enough to talk to strangers at parties. 'Might'.

11/02/10 - Sexy Sex Sexxx: Valentine's Special

Posted Thursday 11 February 2010 by Ben

Get yourself in the groove for this Sunday with some of the sexiest songs to ever erupt into existence.

Things get soulful, sensual and most importantly sexual with Paul, Chris & Ben (let's not forget Tori!) this week. Truths come out about Paul's upbringing on the Farm, Ben's mum gets a mention, Chrisanova doles out sexual advice to listeners and there's more Fact Face!

Enter our Twitter only contest by tweeting us the best chat-up line possible before next week's show. The winner will be chosen then and there by experimentation. This winner gets a special prize that they'll have to collect personally!

Listen again below (way down); you know the drill!x

04/02/10 - Movie Soundtracks

Posted Saturday 6 February 2010 by Ben

This week CotP considered the best music in cinema and came up with 12 other tracks from the movies! There are some classic songs, some cheesey ones and some epic tracks.

It's time for you to sit back, fill your face with popcorn and enjoy our tribute to soundtracks. We had a few facts thrown in and the standard banter.

Next week, for Valentine's Day (I know it's not actually Valentine's Day when we're on air but you can listen again when it is!!) the theme is Sexy Sex Sexx.

Click down below (way down) for our listen again links and join in with the show via our facebook page and our twitter.

28/01/10 - North Vs. South

Posted Friday 29 January 2010 by Ben

Clash of the Playlists settle the whole North/South divide through music. We give away 5 Rockstar Energy drinks to the first person to write on our Facebook page.

FactFace was launched and we had 5 great facts from around the country. Tune in via the links WAY DOWN BELOW. Get on the Facebook, tweet us and email the studio while we're on if you have facts for our next show: MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS!

21/01/10 - Review of the Decade (Part 2): 2005-2009

Posted Thursday 28 January 2010 by Ben

We concluded the decade that was the 'Noughties' with some classic tracks. Give it a listen at the link below.

No Chris for this one but Cecilia kindly stepped in to judge what was an epic battle. You'd know that though if you listened! If not, how dare you?! To make penance you must listen again via the link below 20 times!

14/01/10 - Review of the Decade (Part 1): 2000-2004

Posted Friday 15 January 2010 by Ben

We have returned! It's good to be back; we hope you've had a Merry Christmas and even merrier New Year's.

This week we begin the two part review of the past decade. Paul and Ben consider the music that's defined their past 10 years. In part one we work through the first 5 years. Listen out for the seminal dates and facts from the decade too!

Clash of the Playlists is also looking for the best name for this decade. We have to be able to come up with something better than the 'Teenies' so tweet and facebook us your suggestions. The best one might win an ICRadio t-shirt!

Listen again below!x

17/12/09 - Christmas Special

Posted Saturday 19 December 2009 by Ben

Thanks to all those who tuned in on Thursday or have listened since online. To all those who haven't, scroll down and click the links at the bottom of the page.

This week was a special one as we covered five elements of the nativity in 10 songs!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Feel free to express yourselves over the festive period on our Facebook wall and tweet us on You will probably get a mention in the new year when we return. It will likely be a best of the decade special, so get suggesting your favourite songs of the past 10 years (that's what decade means)!

Much love to you all, x

10/12/09 - Colours

Posted Thursday 10 December 2009 by Ben

Have a listen again to Paul-less Clash of the Playlists. Although bear with it, the first 10 minutes sound like the start of an amateur hour! Cecilia makes a guest appearance as producer and Chris moves up to the hotseat!

See you next week for our Christmas Special!

03/12/09 - Falling in Love vs. Breaking Up

Posted Thursday 10 December 2009 by Ben

This was an emotional show. Paul won once again and goes into Christmas knowing he cannot lose his lead.

Paul's away for the next show and Chris will stepping up to take his place and our Mexican friend Cecilia will be stepping in as Producer and adjudicator.

This week's theme: Colours

Listen at 9pm on 10th December 2009.

26/11/09 - Boys vs. Girls!!

Posted Friday 27 November 2009 by Ben

Great show last night, I'm sure you all agree! Paul was declared winner to take it to 3:2 to him.

Announcement: There will be no more tracklistings up here any more because there's a special tool I just spotted. So to see what we played scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the word playlist for the relevant show. Through the powers of JAVA or some other internet magic the listings will pop up but you have to scroll up to see them.


P.S. It doesn't say who picked what but if you listen you'll know. Or join the Facebook group!

19/11/09 - Animals!

Posted Thursday 26 November 2009 by Ben

Winner: Ben

Current Score: Paul 2:2 Ben

Coming up at 9pm: Boys vs Girls!

12/11/09 - That's Numberwang!

Posted Thursday 19 November 2009 by Ben

Winner: PAUL (again)

Current Score: Paul 2:1 Ben

Coming up tonight: ANIMALS!

12/11/09 - That's Numberwang!

Posted Thursday 12 November 2009 by Ben

Let's hope Mitchell and Webb don't sue us but join us whilst we battle over who can pick the best playlist of songs with numbers in the titles or artists!

Thursday 9 - 10pm! Or listen again online!

05/11/09 - Best of British

Posted Thursday 12 November 2009 by Ben


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