IC Music Tech Showcase

-- MusicTech Sessions

Bringing a slice of vibrant electronic music to your Sunday nights, the format stays true to the original ethos here at Music Tech.

We'll regularly have hand-picked DJs in the mix. We aim to keep the slots brief, giving a platform to showcase the very best of what they're mixing.

Alongside this, our production showcase will focus on the newest tracks our members have been working on. The aim is to keep this fresh, reflecting the full spectrum of the UK electronic music scene.

Previous Broadcasts

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Tuesday 14 February 2017 (21:00 – 22:30) ▶ Stream ▶ Download stream
Sunday 22 January 2017 (19:00 – 22:00) ▶ Stream ▶ Download stream
Sunday 20 November 2016 (19:00 – 20:00) ▶ Stream ▶ Download stream