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Ep 8: Ben Solo show

Posted Thursday 8 February 2018 by Ben Man

Seema had a lab report which left me free to put on some nice tunes and relax for an hour. Good studying music apparently. cheers

Ep 7

Posted Thursday 1 February 2018 by Ben Man

1st of 2018 back for a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ep 6

Posted Saturday 11 November 2017 by Ben Man

We argued a lot in this one, I was very hungover and tired, also inaudible, some slapping.
Topics: ????

Ep 5

Posted Thursday 2 November 2017 by Ben Man

We talk about the 2nd year blues, what we thought abt Fabric, Kevin Spacey, parties, our Halloween. Seema was feeling very Spaced out in this 1 lol

Ep 4

Posted Thursday 19 October 2017 by Ben Man

We talk about red sun, terrorists (again), Fabric, HARVEY WEINSTEIN. Q&A with Ben & Seema coming next week

Ep 3

Posted Monday 16 October 2017 by Ben Man

You'll have to turn your volume to max to hear anything for this one. Fucked it again. Cheers

Ep 2

Posted Friday 17 March 2017 by Ben Man

Hi guys.. Our show starts after listening to the stream for 8 minutes (its dead radio before that). Sorry !

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